Professional Services

The professional services we offer our clients ensure that they get the highest level of support for decision making in relation to their property management needs. Our services are provided to the highest quality but with an understanding of the financial constraints presented in the current market.

Our client’s can avail of our proficiency in facility management, repossession management, fixed charge receivership, and vacant property management.

We also advise a large number of clients on service charge disputes, asset registers, sinking funds, environmental services, sustainability and deliver pre-development and pre-possession advice.

Professional Services offered by Paramount include:

Ready for Sale

We understand the mechanics of selling a commercial investment and we ensure that a comprehensive “property management sales pack” is available to our clients to facilitate a swift and efficient sale.

Service Charge Advice

We represent both landlords and tenants in dealing with disputes arising from service charges.

Fixed Charge Receiver

It is now common practice for a mortgagee to appoint a chartered surveyor to act as a fixed charge receiver as opposed to an insolvency practitioner (IP). This effectively allows the property to be dealt with in the hands of a property specialist without the necessity for an IP to act as a conduit.

Paramount is able to accept appointments as fixed charge receiver.

Repossession Management

We provide interim property management solutions for mortgagees’ in possession and other institutions from the date of re-possession until the property is sold.

Vacant Property Management

Paramount offer a bespoke management package specifically designed for vacant commercial and residential property. This package ensures that the fabric of the building is not compromised during non occupancy and that all essential services are provided to comply with statutory requirements.

Pre-Development & Pre-Possession Advice

We act for both Landlords and tenants in designing-out future maintenance problems and advising on complex administration/lease structures.

  • Estimates of initial service charge
  • Apportionment matrices
  • Maintenance planning
  • Sustainability
  • Lease structures
  • Cash Flow projections
  • Interim management contracts including hire of personnel

Due Diligence Reports For Acquisitions

Our property management due diligence service will look at all potential hand over and set up issues like site staff, service charges, maintenance contracts, tenant payment records and arrears. We will also advise on likely future planned maintenance costs and current insurance levels.

We will confirm term, review and break dates, identify consistent late payers, and confirm current sums insured in accordance with lease terms.

We can carry out pre-acquisition inspections to confirm occupation, review the state of repair of the premises and identify any title issues, such as shared access or potential boundary disputes. We’ll also review maintenance contracts to identify termination dates and any penalty clauses that may result from a transfer of the property.

Our due diligence services will help give you the full picture of what you’re acquiring so that you can make more informed decisions.

Environmental Services & Sustainability

Property has always been a significant cause of carbon emissions and accordingly we strive to ensure compliance with all environmental legislation.

Key stakeholders such as our occupiers, employees and investors expect us to lead on energy efficiency to cut costs for our occupiers, at the same time as reducing carbon emissions.

Based on the energy reductions we have achieved over the last few years, we believe that base-build energy use (common parts and shared services) can be cut by around 20% at most properties through effective day-to-day management and behavioural change, without capital investment.

Environmental initiatives are important. We are committed to conducting operations in a manner that protects our clients' assets, the environment and the health and safety of our employees, contractors, building occupants and the communities in which we do business.