Company Profile


Integrity and honesty

Our team were chosen because of their honesty and customer-first attitude. We take pride in our service to our customers and it is part of the culture we build into our Company.

Always Available

When we say we operate 24/ 7 / 365 we mean it! We do not subcontract to a call-centre to handle out-of-hours emergency calls. We handle all emergency calls directly.

Value For Money

We guarantee that the cost of services provided to your development will offer the best value in the market.

No Hidden Extras

We guarantee a fixed fee during our contract period with no changes, increases or quibbles. Items which are treated as “add-ons” by other managing agents such as admin, postage, stationary, and out of hour’s emergency service are all included in our fee at no extra cost.

Vetted and trusted suppliers

All of our contractors are trusted suppliers with years of experience in supporting our customers. Paramount ensures that we get the best value from our suppliers by tendering for services on a bi-annual basis. In that way you can be sure you get value for money.

Longer Opening Hours

In modern day living, people with busy lives require the opportunity to contact their managing agent outside their own working day. You can contact us before you get to work and after you get home. Our offices are open Monday to Friday 08:00 to 18:00.

The Paramount Clinic

Paramount is the first Irish firm of managing agents to offer an onsite “clinic” service. In recognition of peoples busy working lives, Paramount runs a regular after-hours clinic at your development or at a nearby venue in order to allow owners discuss any issues they may have.

No Conflicts Of Interest

The appointment of contractors is carried out at arm’s length and is based solely upon quality of service and value for money. We do not operate in-house companies or accept commissions from any of our suppliers.

Qualified Staff

We only employ people with a recognised Property Management Qualification or a Financial Qualification.

Electronic Notifications

We have introduced these new services to provide quicker and more efficient communication for all of our clients by sending correspondence via email and emergency updates via text message. This will also help the environment by cutting down on the amount of paper we use.

Property Web-site

All of our properties now have password protected access to information relating to their own development. This allows for the flow of key information, newsletters and reports to be available to all of our clients any time of the day or night.

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